7th Sky Entertainment’s recent outing ‘Qayamat’ is a drama with a stellar cast. Including names like Ahsan Khan, Amar Khan, Neelam Muneer, Haroon Shahid, Sana Fakhar, Saba Faisal, Shabbir Jan, and Noor-ul Hassan the drama has many talented names associated with it. Written by Sarwat Nazeer, directed by Ali Faizan, and produced by Abdullah Kadwani – Asad Qureshi, ‘Qayamat’ took a gigantic start and emerged as the first episode slot leader with a TRP of 9.8 securing a top position at the rating chart.

Episode 1 begins with Ifrah (Neelam Muneer) is seen with her sister Samra (Amar Khan) as they are busy helping their friend Saira (Minza Waqas) with her wedding preparations. Ifrah is an extrovert, she is cute and bubbly. On the contrary, Samra is an introvert, an honest and shy individual. They belong to a middle-class family and are doting daughters of Fayyaz (Noor-ul-Hassan) and Afia (Kinza Malik). Saira’s brother Saad (Haris Waheed) likes Samra and wishes to marry her.

Rashid (Ahsan Khan) enters the frame; he’s a rich, uneducated, spoiled brat who is good for nothing. His father Mukhtar (Shabbir Jan) catches him red-handed with a courtesan Pari (Sana Fakhar) at her place. To make Rashid realize his responsibilities, Mukhtar decides to fix his marriage. The episode concludes on an intriguing note when Rashid gets rejected with his marriage proposal. As the story unfolds, viewers also discover that Mukhtar and Fayyaz are brothers.

There are a lot of elements that make ‘Qayamat’ a compelling watch. The story is well written and the drama also sheds light on misogyny; how people who appear to be nice and kind are hiding horrible natures. Director Ali Faizan gets it all right; it would be foolhardy to single out a few sequences since the play gathers speed from its inception itself.

‘Qayamat’ is embellished with great performances; Ahsan Khan plays the arrogant Rashid brilliantly. His mannerisms, his body language, his behavioral pattern takes you by complete surprise. The actor deserves brownie points for portraying the role with such practicality that you start hating him after a point. It’s an astounding, gutsy performance that will be talked about and discussed for sure in the upcoming episodes.

It’s hard to take your eyes off Amar, who captures the nuances of her character spot-on. She simply lights up the screen with her magnetic presence. The earnestness and sincerity she invests in her performance are for all to see. Additionally, the refreshing look and the traditional attire make it so believable. She’s magnificent! Neelam Muneer is simply delightful and supremely confident, complimenting Amar through and through. Haroon Shahid is yet to make an appearance.

Qayamat has a noteworthy supporting cast. Saba Faisal is outstanding as the dramatic mother. Shabbir Jan makes a towering impact. Noor-ul-Hassan and Kinza Malik are highly effective. Haris Waheed is promising. Sana Fakhar is adequate. 

Great writing, great directions, and great performances make Qayamat a must watch. When the first episode ended, many viewers found themselves exclaiming “Is that it?!” and were left wanting for more – a triumph for any drama. 


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