The country is engulfed in absolute despair; yet many hold a slight glimmer of hope to see the news pop up anytime now that our hero mountaineer ‘Muhammad Ali Sadpara’ along with his fellow climbers Juan Pablo Mohr and John Snorri, who went missing on Pakistan’s meanest slope ‘K2’, are indeed alive and safe.

However, that is now looking to be a farfetched reality. As was expressed by Muhammad Ali’s own son in a heartrending statement to the media. 21-year-old son Sajid Sadpara, was also part of the challenging winter expedition and said that is highly unlikely that all the missing mountaineers will be found alive. According to Sajid, the climbers had escalated the 8200 meters already and were probably at the bottleneck of the expedition where they must have met with technical concerns which may have led to tragic consequences.

Sajid said that being able to survive these mercilessly climates for three days without any proper equipment can only be a miracle; the rescue operation can very well be a body retrieval operation. The news has hit the masses who are continuously hoping for that miraculous recovery to be made.  Ali, a humble and yet passionate adventurer, had always been vocal on how you need to be in complete love with the mountain ranges in order to pursue them.

The man of the hour had already made Pakistan proud, having escalated various peaks within the region, including claiming a record for Nanga Parbat five years ago. Affirming his position to showcase all the goodness the country has to offer throughout the years, he has always been praised by his fellow, international climbers, as many tributes and words of kindness from around the world continue to pour in.

Being involved in various rescue operations himself, Ali was a man of great stories. He committed to his summit with the glee of a young boy; a spark which continued to burn that would pass onto his son, who at an early age started following his father’s steps as his true calling too.

Having successfully summited peaks in Nepal and China as well, Ali began his escapades as a porter, in nothing but flip-flops and castoff gear. But that was just the beginning, Ali knew he had so much more to explore and never let something like ‘fear of death’ become a stopper towards his inclination of success. Always advocating you need to be acceptable to any outcome of climbing- be it life or death, this courageous mountaineer has been a huge gem to this country.

His string of adventures, coupled with his impressive persona as told by those who knew him as always being hard working, persistent, passionate and extremely ‘jolly’, the emotional public continue to pray. Ali always lived his life with the notion that there is greatness all around us, all we need to do is go out and grab it. Here’s to us becoming witnesses to the greatest thing we’ll hear this year- Ali, and fellow climbers-miraculously found alive!


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