In what happens to be a controversy which just wouldn’t die down anytime soon, Pakistan’s former fast bowler ‘Shoaib Akhtar’ has been served with a Rs.100m defamation notice from Pakistan Television (PTV) over the former’s resignation when a live discussion as part of the PTV Sports programme ‘Game On Hai’, a few weeks ago went south very quickly.

Akhtar, was involved in an incident where during a live telecast, anchorperson Dr. Nauman Niaz unleashed a string of verbal abuses which ended with the host bluntly asking Pakistan’s national icon to leave his show. It was suggested that an understanding of sorts was made during the break where the host will formally apologize to the former test-cricketer for his outburst, however nothing of the sort happened.

Soon enough, Akhtar apologized to his fellow sportsmen and asked to be excused as he officially resigned from PTV. This in turn was led by a huge uproar on social media, where many demanded an apology to be made to the Rawalpindi Express from Dr. Nauman.
And it was not much later when Dr .Nauman, who was sacked from his job, tendered an unconditional apology for his misconduct. He is reported to have considered and realized his outburst was not dignified- “The former host said the reaction to his outburst was justified, adding “I had no right. To err is human and for that, I apologize. Not only once, but a million times. Shoaib has been a rock star. Whatever happened on camera was unbecoming.”

But there seems to be no end to this brewing controversy as on Sunday, the fast bowler was sent a notice from PTV where it was mentioned that Akhter’s resignation from the channel was a major violation of the clauses to his employment. This had led to a huge financial loss for the organization to bear. “As per clause 22, both sides shall have the right to terminate his agreement by serving three months’ written notice or payment in lieu thereof. Whereas, Shoaib Akhtar resigned on air on October 26 which has resulted in huge financial losses to PTV,” reads the notice.

However Shoaib Akhtar is not letting the same get to his esteem, as he tweeted the following on Sunday: “After miserably failing to safeguard my respect & repute while I was working for PTV, they have now sent me a Recovery Notice. I am a fighter & will not give up & fight this legal battle. My lawyer Salman Khan Niazi will take this forward according to law.”

Fans have come in support of the sports legend and are quick to point that Dr. Nauman’s misplaced sense of grandeur and entitlement will not result in putting pressure on Akhtar’s capability to stand his ground. While the drama continues to unfold, the story has been gaining momentum worldwide where the spirit of the game is tragically impacted when it gets mingled in star power, egoistic mindsets and suggested privileges’.


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