PEMRA has ordered the TV channels to stop airing the CCTV video of the murder of Noor Muqadam on Sunday. The decision came in response to news channels running the extremely disturbing recording of the event leading up to the murder of Noor Muqadam on Saturday.

The restriction has been placed under the PEMRA Ordinance 2002. The disturbing video garnered anger from the TV audience who slammed the TV channels for running the video and comprising the ethics of reporting. Users commented that TV channels did not give any trigger warning before airing the video.

It can be seen in CCTV footage that at 10:18 pm on July 18, Noor Muqadam enters through the main gate of the main accused Zahir Jaffer’s house located in Sector F-7.

Meanwhile, she is seen talking to someone on her mobile phone and a guard is also seen standing at the gate.

The footage further shows that at 2:39 pm on July 19, Zahir Jaffar and Noor Muqadam were seen coming out of the main gate of the house with luggage, and at 2:40 am, they are seen entering the house again, leaving their belongings in the taxi parked outside.

At 2:46 pm, Zahir Jaffar and Noor Muqaddam leave the house and can be seen sitting in a taxi parked in the street outside the gate.

At 2:52 pm, Zahir Jaffar and Noor Muqadam are seen entering the house with their bags through the main gate.

Iftikhar, the watchman at the main gate, is also present, and a black dog can be seen in the courtyard of the house. The next day, on July 20, at 7:12 pm, Noor Muqadam jumped from the first floor and was seen falling on the fence adjacent to the ground floor gallery. Noor Muqaddam also had a mobile phone in her hand.

She staggers to the main gate and tries to get out. Iftikhar, the guard at the gate, does not let her out and closes the gate.

Meanwhile, Zahir Jaffar jumps from the first-floor terrace of the house to the ground floor and runs to pull out the light hidden in the guard’s cabin near the gate and he was seen snatching Noor’s mobile phone and forcibly dragging her inside the house

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