SIALKOT: According to reliable sources, the Punjab government has sent an early inquiry report on the Sialkot tragedy to Prime Minister Imran Khan on Saturday.

In a separate incident, a Sri Lankan citizen, Priyantha Kumara, who had been working as a manager at a private plant on Wazirabad Road in Sialkot, had been tortured to death and his corpse had been set ablaze by a crowd on suspicion of “blasphemy.” He had been accused of the crime.

Preliminary reports indicate that a quarrel arose after Kumara removed several posters from the factory walls around 10:28 a.m., according to the preliminary investigation. According to reports, the posters were imprinted with the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

The factory owner arrived on the scene shortly afterwards and settled the situation. Kumara had expressed regret for any confusion that had occurred on his behalf.

Following Kumara’s apology, the problem was allegedly regarded resolved, and the factory employees departed once the apology was delivered.

During the time of the violent assault, a total of 13 security guards were stationed across the facility. According to the complaint, none of them attempted to rescue the victim or disperse the throng.

Kumara’s corpse was subsequently hauled out of the workplace by a group of workers.

According to authorities, police got a phone call regarding the incident around 11:28 a.m. Within 12 minutes, a police team had arrived on the scene.

Later, large police contingents were rushed to the crime site in order to apprehend and apprehend the perpetrators.

While this was happening, Punjab Police issued an update on Twitter, stating that they had apprehended 13 “important suspects” who were engaged in the attack, with assistance from other supervisors at the facility where the event took place.

It was announced by the police that the suspects had been sent to an unknown location for additional investigation.

Hasaan Khawar, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister on Information, told the media that at least 118 persons, including the 13 “main suspects,” had been detained in connection with the cold-blooded murder. Khawar stated the arrests include the 13 “important suspects.”

Khawar said that the suspects were apprehended with the assistance of 160 videos, which produced a total of 12 hours of film.

He said that the provincial administration has organised ten squads in order to apprehend all of the suspects in the murder.

When authorities got the initial phone call about the event, he added, they discovered that the Sri Lankan manager had already passed away.

According to a representative for the Punjab government, police and civil administration would pursue the probe to its “logical conclusion.”

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