LAHORE: Today, by-elections will be held in the National Assembly seat of NA-133 in the city of Lahore (Sunday).

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) said that it had finalised plans to ensure that the by-elections would be held in an unbiased environment. The polling station opened at 8 a.m. today and will remain open until 5 p.m., with no interruptions.

The seat became vacant after the death of PML-N MNA Pervaiz Malik, who died on October 11 as a result of complications from heart surgery.

According to the Punjab electoral commission, there are 254 voting stations in the constituency, with 22 polling stations classified as A, 198 classified as B, and 34 classified as C. The constituency has 22 polling stations classified as A, 198 classified as B, and 34 classified as C. 199 polling booths have been designated as sensitive out of the total. Men and women will be able to vote separately at around 200 polling locations, with an additional 54 mixed polling stations being put up.

It is estimated that there are 440,485 voters in the NA-133 constituency, with 233,585 male voters and 206,927 female votes.

After the PTI candidate dropped out of the race, there were only 11 candidates remaining, including Shaista Pervaiz Malik, the widow of PML-N leader Pervaiz Malik, and Aslam Gill, the candidate of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Despite the fact that Lahore is considered a bastion of the opposition PML-N, the PPP vigorously campaigned for the NA-133 by-election in the hopes of resurrecting its fortunes in the province.

It has been held by the PML-N three times in the past, with Pervaiz Malik winning it in 2018 with 89,699 votes, Waheed Alam Khan winning it in 2013 with over 100,000 votes, and Naseer Bhutta winning it in 2008 with a margin of more than 32,000 votes each time.

Ballot papers and other election-related materials have been sent to the presiding officers in preparation for the by-elections. Delivery of election materials, including vote papers, to polling sites is taking place under the observation of police officers and Rangers officers.

In exchange for doing a full day’s job, presiding officers have been paid Rs6,000 apiece, while deputy presiding officers and polling officials have been paid Rs4,000 each.

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