We grew up observing our elders underlining the importance of education from long ago. They were wholly right in putting up these statements.
       Education lays the foundation of a human career where success is assured now or later. We tend to explore our potentials through the wisdom it gives in the form of intellectual, scientific, and artistic words.
       It shapes our personality, builds our character, strengthens our interactions, and foremost enables us to be the significant yet honorable part of the society. In today’s times, there comes another parameter that defines or intensifies the persona of any human being. Where we consider education the significant element, the same way skill-set adds to the first element’s significance.
       A skill-set paves the way for the already laid foundation and makes it pretty smoother for the long marathon. A marathon where you encounter twists and turns, holes and bumps, and feel abandoned long for miraculous happenings. A skill-set you acquire would stand among these miraculous happenings and would smash these troubles while getting you out of it.
       Pakistan is facing a financial crisis since its emergence in the world, not to mention today’s pandemic related halt around the globe. In these suffering times, if we only stick to the acquired education, we would be frustrated in ensuing years. Sagacity wants us to be more productive in different dimensions, proving ourselves an asset to the country and to ourselves.
       Acquiring any skill doesn’t require much, instead attention and quality time. You don’t have to dive into the different niche to be unique. You merely have to explore your potential in the best possible fields where giving mild attention would be fruitful.
Here the question arises, what possible skills you may acquire being at home?
Get along with me and have a read below:
       If you’re that one person who can’t deliver his opinion across and ends up losing an opportunity, you need to acquire this skill. Writing can land you to a different horizons of opportunities.
It merely requires a pen and paper or just a screen, be it mobile or a laptop. It can be an uphill task initially, by the time you get a good hang of it and start having positive outcomes.
There’s a phrase known for writing;
· Start by reading and distinguishing different styles of distinct writers.
· Absorb the concept of the content.
· Start inking your papers by getting your hands on the pen.
After all this, you’ll see your imaginative world rolling before your eyes in the form of dancing words.
2-Graphic Designing
       If you have scenic eyes, an artistic mind, then this field is the best option for you. YouTube tutorials are helpful at the beginner level.
Watch, watch and watch.
Some most salutary tools in this field are:
· Adobe Illustrator
· Adobe Photoshop
· Canva
       In today’s digital world, every company needs a graphic designer. Be mindful you can be one by becoming a master at it.
3- New Language
       “One language sets you in a corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.” -Frank Smith
       Learning a different language gives you an insight into the new world that once was strange to you. You tend to appreciate various people, unique culture, and crafts.
Even you can cash this skill by becoming a freelance translator. You start giving these services free of cost, once you get enough audience, begin charging money for this service.
       Who doesn’t want to capture beautiful memories and to relive them in the future?
If you can afford DSLR and have eye-gazing scenes in front of you, then I believe it’s an opportunity knocking at your door. Get yourself out of bed, start clicking these scenes, and making them evergreen by uploading on your social media profile.
In today’s times, everyone is in the dire need to have their images on the board.
· Bloggers need to be recognized.
· Brands need their advertisements to run on the billboards.
· Educational institutions need publicity.
· Private companies require campaigns to get high in the market.
Who would meet up with their requirements?
Yes! A Photographer.
5-Marketing Skills
       It is not much different from photography. Photographers, writers, bloggers, vloggers, doctors, engineers, freelancers, everyone needs a market to sell their expertise. This market provider can be you if you start practicing it by getting enrolled in one such course, even being at home. You don’t need a professional degree to dive into this. You only need to know the basic principles on which these markets are running.
       In this digital world, every campaign starts with the social media marketing to grab every age group’s attention. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, they all are the best tools for practicing purposes.
6-Communication skills
       Having unique yet convincing speaking abilities is going to set you on a multitude of possibilities.
In the depressive people, you’ll need to inject a spark through your motivational Voice. Speech skills are of utter significance in the interviews where the interviewer is analyzing your personality besides academics. And your academics need a firm, confident voice to read them aloud, to depict them in your body language, and to give them a proof of written abilities. Not to mention the sheer significance of the rest, Cooking, Baking, Gardening, Calligraphy, Painting etc.
       It is not necessary to have one of them. You can get any skill of your interest to solidify your personality in the longer run. Academics do describe your intellect, but skills express your personality in multi-dimensions engraving, impressive marks on the recipient’s heart. We often wonder how the classmates of average scores get higher status in a short span while the intellectual students with higher grades tend to take much time in establishing their careers.
       It usually happens Because they have stuck themselves to the books that can give them bookish knowledge irrespective of the advancements and demands of their surroundings. I’m sure you don’t want to err by merely hanging around the degrees and would learn at least one of the skill-sets to refine your personality.

By Zahra Zafar

The author is a doctor by profession and a freelance writer. She considers her duty to ignite the spark in the mentally distraught people and to lead them to the optimistic yet real world.

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