The Crown, Netflix’s hit drama series about the British royal family, has come under scrutiny for its depictions of Charles and Diana in series four and will end earlier than expected and has revealed its next and last queen. It is reported that viewing figures for season four of The Crown have already reached 29 million. The latest series of the royal drama chronicles the Princess Diana years.

Show creator and show runner Peter Morgan had said he expected to create six seasons, but now thinks five is the perfect time and place to stop. Creator Peter Morgan has called the show an act of creative imagination. Peter Morgan, the show’s creator, has defended the fictionalized account of real-life events, describing the script as a constant push-pull between research and drama. The show’s creator, Peter Morgan, has defended his right to have creative freedom after criticism of some scenes.

The dramatic liberties shown in the latest season of the Netflix series covers the turbulent of 1980s. The series of events are annoying Britons who wrote of that period, even among those who disparage the royals. The Crown is now colliding with the people who wrote the first draft of that history. That has spun up a tempest in the British news media, even among those who ordinarily profess not to care much about the monarchy.

Newspapers and television programs have been full of starchy commentary about how “The Crown” distorts history in its account of the turbulent decade in which Prince Charles married Lady Diana Spencer and Mrs. Thatcher wrought a free-market revolution in British society. Prince Charles refuses to watch the series, with friends accusing Netflix of exploiting the Royal Family’s pain and saying it was fiction presented as fact.

The Crown, is trying to have it both ways, selling itself to audiences as a true story while clearing out the extraneous debris of facts that would gum up its dramatic narrative. There is this thing called the tyranny of fact, but as we get to modern times, it gets harder to avoid.

Imelda Staunton has been tapped to be the last actress to play Queen Elizabeth II. She will take the crown in the fifth season from Olivia Colman, who, in turn, succeeded Claire Foy. Imelda is an astonishing talent and will be a fantastic successor to fit in the shoes of the role perfectly.

The Crown has won a Golden Globe for best TV drama and both Foy and Colman have won best actress Globes in the royal role. Season three arrived on Netflix in November. Behind the frustration with “The Crown” is a recognition that, right or wrong, its version of the royal family is likely to serve as the go-to narrative for a generation of viewers, particularly young ones, who do not remember the 1980s, let alone the more distant events covered in earlier seasons.

The fourth series of the drama, which stars Olivia Colman as the Queen, has attracted criticism from some quarters for its depiction of royal events, in particular the breakdown of the marriage of the Prince and Princess of Wales.

On the other hand, there are many claims on the account of events which have been said to be not even closer to the reality. Dickie Arbiter is one of the most astound critic of the season “The Crown” with pointing out some inaccuracy and not trueness with the series of events.

A meeting where the Prince of Wales’s private secretary asks whether Diana was mentally fit enough to go on a solo tour of New York? Mr. Arbiter said the meeting “never happened”. “He said that John Riddell, Charles’s private secretary at the time, would never have said that.”

The ways Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles are depicted are far from the past events of the reality. “It’s just sensationalizing, making Charles and Camilla out to be the villains and it was all dependant on the creator; Peter Morgan to decide either way he wanted to slide the history which objectify the series of events in history of royalty. Charles is portrayed as vicious. He is not at all vicious in reality,” he said.

There was a scene in the mid of fourth season when the Actor Josh O’Connor’s stooped the portrayal of the Prince of Wales. Dickie Arbiter said that the Charles never stooped the portrayal of the Prince of Wales. That was depicted in the history and it collides with the reality even when you look at him now, he is 72 years old and he is still upright. This characterization of the events in the past collides with the reality of the present which proves to be the Netflix hit season “The Crown” to be the work of fiction rather than the work of research and history depicted on the screen; as claimed by the creator and producer; Peter Morgan.

Dickie further elaborated the scene in the later part of the Netflix run season “The Crown” when the Queen’s private secretary; Martin Charteris is present and to be seen throughout the series four of the season, which happened to remain on the post of private secretary and covers the period from 1977 to 1990. In contrary to this, the Queen’s private secretary was made to leave her post in 1977. This mixing of year of the private secretary to the Queen of England and Wales clearly shows the miscalculated series of events which happened in the past of royalty.

Mrs. Horsley, while expressing her sentiments in reaction to the events that took place in the season “The Crown” last weekend, said that The Crown’s producers replied with a very kind and humble letter. She further elaborates the handling of the historical series of events by the creator and producer of “The Crown” saying that they understood my concerns but they as well hope that I will feel that they deal with difficult subject matters with integrity, deep research of events that took place in royalty history and great sensitivity.

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