Ayaz Samoo is a very special talent. There is something about him that makes him stand apart from the conventional line of actors. His ability to meld into the skin of the characters he portrays remains as a lasting memory. His presence in a project cannot be defined by the length of his role.  He makes a lasting impact, whether he is the lead or a supporting act.

Ayaz has once again wowed critics and viewers with his act in drama serial ‘Nand’. In an exclusive conversation with ‘The Daily Beat’ he speaks about the genesis of another superlative performance and lots more. Read on…

The Daily Beat (TDB) You impressed the viewers with your stellar act in ‘Nand’. Did you expect such a humungous response?

Ayaz Samoo (AS) We all work hard and expect our performance to get praised. To be honest; we didn’t expect such a massive response. The story was very simple but it was written, presented, and executed differently. The director (Syed Zeeshan Ali Zaidi) designed each character with a unique personality; a different range that made each character look different from the other. This was one of the major aspects that did wonders. As a result, viewers connected with every individual be it Hassan, Gohar, or Saqib.  

(TDB) What made you sign ‘Nand’ as it is an out and out premise that revolves around the female protagonist? How did you manage to stand out?

(AS) I was being told at first that it’s a cliché plot; but has twists and turns at regular intervals. I singed the play as my character was layered with various shades and depth. For instance, during the initial episodes when Gohar was at her peak in manipulating and planning conspiracies, Hassan was the only one who stood up against the wrong. Later, when Farwa joined, we both confronted Gohar as compared to other family members who used to get trapped with her vicious schemes. In a series of unfortunate events, the transition of my character went from extreme positive to extreme negative. The role wasn’t big in length but strong enough to leave a lasting impact. I received enormous praise from viewers on YouTube. I am enjoying all the adulation coming my way.

(TDB) Don’t you feel that working in a multi starrer reduces your star value?

(AS) No, Not at all. I feel an actor should do justice to his role and establish the plot with his performance. Yes, it is challenging; when you share the screen space with good actors, the margin of error is minimum. If you don’t perform well; it comes across as very obvious. An actor needs to improve his craft; one should take such risks. I have no problems in fact; I am very much at ease working in a multi starrers as I get to learn a lot. 

(TDB) What is your strategy for choosing a project?

(AS) The strategy is very simple i.e. I look out at the importance of my character in driving the narrative forward; a character that cannot be overlooked or removed from the story. I opt for roles that have a lasting impact. Even If I have lesser screen time; I will make it noticeable with my performance. I don’t crave to play the lead or second lead. 

(TDB) Faiza Hassan or Javeria Saud, who is the better ‘Nand’

(AS) That’s a tough one. (Smiles) I feel both are fantastic actresses, both have a different league. It wouldn’t be fair to compare them. The situation was different when Faiza was playing ‘Nand’; she had a subtle negativity to her character. As of now, it’s different, Javeria as Nand has gone through a trauma, so the behavioral patterns have changed.

(TDB) You debuted in the industry in 2004. What are the three major highlights of your career?

(AS) My first biggest achievement I would say was winning the title for ‘Comedy Ka King Kong’ in 2008. The second highlight was winning an award (best actor in a negative role) for my feature film ‘Moor’. Thirdly, ‘Nand’ for sure; it has expanded my horizons as an actor. I haven’t been a part of a grand project earlier. Also, I would like to mention my show at ARY music ‘Sajid Billa’; that gave me massive recognition.  

(TDB) You have recently launched a clothing line. What excited you towards a fashion brand?

(AS) ‘Mahram’ is entirely my wife’s brainchild. We used to wear matching clothes at various events; she took this idea and projected for the masses. None of the big brands have done something on these lines. I was very much impressed with the concept and started working on it. You can express your feelings with your loved ones via matching clothes. ‘Mahram’ offers a combination of clothing line i.e. ‘daughter and father’, ‘mother and son’, ‘siblings’, and ‘Husband and Wife’. It is available in the market; people are liking it. Initially, it’s a small setup, we are taking baby steps and aim to expand it with time. 

(TDB) Do you see yourself doing a web series?

(AS) Yes, for sure. I love to explore myself; I have been a model, standup comedian, host, VJ, RJ, writer, producer, and actor. I have done it all. I am a curious soul; I do not hesitant on trying out new stuff. 

(TDB) You seem too obsessed with cricket. Your comments

(AS) Yes. Cricket will always be my first love. I have been playing cricket for my school, college, and university teams. I am a part of the Pakistan showbiz team, Karachi showbiz team, and Big Bang cricket team. I am also a part of a new show ARY Celebrity League (ACL). I am a part of team ‘Mehran Tigers’ in ACL. The show will air on ARY digital soon. It has an unconventional indoor setup with different set of rules. The teams are helmed by popular celebrities like Adnan Siddique, Humayun Saeed, Sami Khan, and Aijazz Aslam. ACL will be a refreshing change for the viewers. 

Have you signed anything new?

(AS) ‘Nand’ has been extended so I am committed to it. I have signed a couple of projects; I will start working on them once ‘Nand’ is over. I have also signed an international project; as of now, it is put on hold due to the second wave of corona virus.

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By Ozair Majeed

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