From her humble beginnings from the beautiful valley of Chitral, who would have thought a young and dedicated girl was destined for great things?

Dr. Zubaida Sirang has brought honor to the country after becoming the first Pakistani doctor to make it to the list of Book Authority. Her book ‘Optics Made Easy’ is written for ophthalmology students as a last-minute revision tool. Book Authority is considered as one of the leading platforms for recommendations for nonfiction books, helping its readers to improve their skills by finding the best books on different topics. Her work was written for ophthalmology students as a last-minute revision tool.

The book has also landed on the Top Recommended List on Amazon, making the author attain a strong stance and position on the subject in hand. Dr. Zubaida’s work and achievements are being lauded not just in Pakistan but worldwide, as this major milestone is actually leading her towards yet another one.

Having done her MBBS from Agha Khan University, Karachi, she had headed to Ireland to complete her surgical ophthalmology. Always showing promise towards this specific field, the young doctor in the making was committed towards making her mark and bringing a significant addition to the field in terms of progress and further development.

Reflecting on what made her write the book, Dr. Zubaida Sirang said she wants the concept and all the major aspects of ophthalmology to be put forth in the most simple and easy manner, so new students and medical personnel would be able to get ahold of the terminology in a complete and interesting manner.

Her work has paved the way for her to pursue her dream project: building an eye hospital in Gilgit Baltistan. Speaking to the media, Dr. Zubaida shared how she has been in continuous touch and collaboration with Agha Khan to bring this unbelievable initiative into fruition.

Having taken major campaigns on the road already, organizing camps which provide basic facilities in various regions with limited medical facilities, she wants to create a complete awareness of eye diseases and what complications it can trigger by providing information far and wide. Looking back at how she had to put in her heart and soul and make those hard struggles and continuous efforts to gain the intel needed to pave towards success, the committed and energetic doctor is aiming to provide the masses the really important information in the palm of their hand.

She also aims to highlight the improvement on surgical instrument as it will allow the procedure to be far effective and progressive. Communicating and interacting with the people around her, she understands and values the need for good eye-care, ensuring it to be a major blessing of Allah which needs to be secured and cared for at all costs.

Working on clinical ophthalmology, the doctor who aims for a progressive treatment methodology to be adapted in Pakistan especially by pursuing advanced equipment and quality services in eye centers in the region, her optimism coupled with her sheer brilliance would surely bring new waves of success and milestones for our country.

By Mehr Jan

Author is an Associate Editor for a leading weekly Sunday Magazine as well as a freelancer for a range of online publications. She pens with passion and feels there isn’t anything better than expressions through words. She aims to highlight all the good amidst the chaos surrounding us. She is currently residing in Islamabad, Pakistan.
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