A Detailed Look into What Lead to The Sussex’s Talk to Oprah

Anyone who has been hooked onto Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ which certain concerned parties have been promptly suggesting to be a work of fiction, know what stands true to what’s all make-believe when it comes to the ever-lasting string of controversies relating to the British Royal Family.

What Diana endured and suffered from, which ultimately led to her tragic death was soon to repeat. Her youngest son and third in line to the throne before the birth of his nephews, Prince Harry fell for a Hollywood star who also happened to be half African American.

Meghan Markle was not what you would call a megastar but she was a star in her own right. Headstrong, committed and passionate towards her life’s goals, Meghan fell for the prince but she knew from day one she wasn’t one to fall for the strict policies of the monarchy. She was her own person and was determined to protect her individualism at all costs. Perhaps that was what triggered her on the receiving end of what would become a hostile media stance in her new country. In her own words, Meghan said how one of her friends ‘cautioned’ her when he learned about her steady relationship and possibility of a marriage to the Duke: “I’m sure he’s great. But you shouldn’t do it because the British tabloids will destroy your life.”

Meghan vs. British Tabloid

How true that turned out to be. She became a constant subject to UK Tabloid’s harsh criticism and judgment. If it wasn’t for the color of her skin, or the ‘nerve’ she had to exercise a strong mindset, they would be quick to draw comparisons between her and her counterpart-always ready to support Kate Middleton (the eerie contrast between headlines covering both the Duchesses were crystal clear).

But here’s where the similarities ended between her turmoil with the media and her late mother-in-law’s. For where Princess Diana was left alone to face her inner demons, Meghan had her Prince with her all the way. Prince Harry wasn’t ready to see his wife fall victim to the same ridicule and harassment as his mother. He wasn’t ready to see history repeat itself.

A proud and popular elite who was used to living in the Royal riches had decided to move away from his life of ease and title to make sure his wife and newborn son were safe.

Moving to a New Beginning

Leaving behind his Royal duties to start off a new beginning in the United States, things were far from over.

The past few days, the whole world has been kept in a frenzy as one of the most anticipated sit-downs was finally aired which revealed hidden, dark secrets of one of the biggest monarchies of the world.

The speculation to what drove them away was always in the air. So much so that an interview with the Queen of Daytime television ‘Oprah Winfrey’ was already in the works as everyone waited with bated breath for it to reveal something. And it was everything the public expected and maybe even more.

Sitting down with Oprah, pregnant Meghan and Harry were poised and focused. But the couple had come with an agenda- they will be calling spade a spade. In what could be considered as a clear black and white depiction with no sugarcoating, Meghan spoke of the devastation and restlessness her decision to become a member of the Royal family brought upon her.

Revealing for the first time ever, she spoke of having continuous suicidal thoughts while expecting her first child. Stating how she was depressed and completely taken by the darkness- she knew it wasn’t her, but she couldn’t also deny this settling of an overwhelming feeling upon her. The tabloids were onto her. They weren’t forgiving and they were nothing short of a hawk eye, being a critique to her every single move.

And while this could have been just a small part of her existence, her own father and half-sister added into the misery, depicting their own flesh and blood in a superficial and materialistic frame. Meghan who walked down the aisle with her father-in-law and would have been made it thus far if her in-laws stood by. Stating how she was clearly told she wouldn’t be getting any protection from the devastating attack by the tabloids and UK media, there wasn’t much left for her to hang by.

Racism Continues Reign

But among the revelations (which also included a happy one as a gleeful Harry announced they will be having a girl), what stood out was when it was communicated to the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex that their newborn son will neither be getting the title of a Prince, nor was he entitled for the Royal Protection programme.

It has also been learned from this candid chat which aired on March8 that Prince Harry was cut off from financial support by the family. These financial ties between Harry and Meghan and the royal family were cut in the first quarter of 2020, the duke told Oprah. This was shortly after the pair stepped back as senior royals in January 2020, intending to split their time between the UK and North. But it was stated a few months earlier that the controversial couple will not be stepping into the royal duties actively for an indefinite time period.

In order to ensure that they were well-looked after with proper security in place, Harry went on to say that was the reason he and Meghan had signed lucrative deals with entertainment giants Netflix and Spotify – thought to be worth $100million and $30million respectively.

However, perhaps what was the most chilling aspect about the whole interview would have to be how even hundreds of years forth as we progress into a modern era of better understanding and tolerance of cultural ties and existence, racism still continues to flourish. Leaving Oprah completely flabbergasted, without revealing the name as it would be ‘damaging’ to the one who spoke of it, Meghan recalled how Harry had a conversation with a family member who raised concerns about how ‘dark’ the skin color of the new Sussex baby might be.

As we continue to talk about it, make our own predictions on the Palace’s response and with many taking it as another casual opportunity to unleash the meme tornado, perhaps this particular interview has opened the grounds to talk on how a thousand-year-old structural code of conduct needs to be revisited and revised if it is providing more harm than good.


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