Umer Sharif, a prominent Pakistani comic and television figure, has long been critical. According to his son, Umer suffers from a cardiac condition and is currently looking for therapy. He had cardiovascular surgery last year and since then his condition has worsened with memory loss among the symptoms. He has been receiving treatment for his illnesses at the Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi.

He is currently confined to a wheelchair, and he requires urgent medical attention from specialists in the United States. If he is unable to fly to the United States, he will be required to undergo open-heart surgery in Pakistan, which could be fatal for him, according to his wife Zareen.

It had previously become widely popular on social media to watch a video of the comedian asking Prime Minister Imran Khan for assistance with his medical treatment, in which he was especially appealing with the Prime Minister’s Office to assist him in making arrangements to have a medical visit to the United States scheduled.

Afterwards As per the federal government, a medical board has been established to monitor the treatment of veteran comedian and actor Umer Sharif. To carry out the orders of Prime Minister Imran Khan, the medical board has been tasked with determining whether or not the actor should be sent abroad for the cardiac treatment.

Later on, Zareen Umer’s wife reported exclusively to Geo News that she received a phone call from the Prime Minister’s office, alerting her that efforts were being taken to issue her a visa and make other arrangements, including making plans for an air ambulance. She added that Umer is unable to travel by conventional aircraft and that they require an air ambulance. They have made every possible preparation for Ulmer’s care at George Washington University Hospital in the United States, and the only thing left is for them to secure an air ambulance and a visa as quickly as possible.

State Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah has expressed concern over the failing health of famed comic Umer Sharif and has approved a Rs40 million budget for his medical treatment. In a letter dated September 14, 2021, it was brought to the attention of the administrative secretary for health to the Chief Minister’s Secretariat, in which it was claimed that the finance department had agreed to issue Rs40 million.

Reema Khan, a well-known Lollywood actress, also turned to social media to declare that her husband, Dr Syed Tariq Shahab, has committed to conduct Sharif’s surgery once he has been flown to the United States from Pakistan.

Murtaza Wahab, the leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said on his Twitter account on September 16, 2021, that veteran comedian Umer Sharif has been granted a visa to visit the United States. The internationally known artist will be flown to the United States as soon as possible to receive treatment for his illness.

Omer began his professional stand-up comedy career when he was fourteen years old. During the 1980s, 1990s, and early 2000s, he rose to fame in the Subcontinent.

We vividly recall his theatrical works, the most renowned of which were Bakra Qiston Per and Buddha Ghar Pe Hai, being played on audio cassettes in shops and homes in Lahore and booming over the speakers installed in minibuses in Karachi. In 1992, for the superhit film ‘Mr. 420,’ he got the National Award for Best Director as well as the National Award for ‘Best Actor.’ He was also the host of The Shareef Show, a tremendously popular Geo TV show that aired on a regular basis.

We all pray for the Legend’s speedy recovery.

By Sawera Amjad

Author is a Lahore College for Women University graduate. She writes with zeal and believes that there is nothing greater than words to express herself.

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