The release of a viral video by Muhammad Zubair Umar has sparked outrage on Twitter. It is being discussed whether it is mobile footage and whether it is allegedly showing the PML-N leader in the bedroom with a woman who has been blurred out. The video has spread like wildfire on social media, and Zubair Umar has risen to the top of the trending topics on the Pakistani Twitter feed.

This is a video of PML-N leader Mohammad Zubair which made headlines around the world and was featured prominently in the media. On Sunday night, a video surfaced on social media showing Zubair allegedly getting intimate relations with an unidentified woman, according to reports. This video went popular on social media almost quickly and is currently trending on Twitter, among other places. Following that, the PML-N leader issued a statement on Monday in which he emphasized that “That’s not a political gesture.” Instead, it represents a new low point. The man also claimed that the video had been “doctored and faked.” His message went on to say that “whoever is responsible for this transgression and has committed this heinous, terrible, and despicable behavior.”

Early this year, the PML-N leader was caught in yet another incident when news emerged that his daughter and son-in-law had been immunized against their turn even though they were neither health workers nor elderly. A health department official had stated at the time that the facilitator had been suspended and that an investigation would be performed.

First and foremost, the political elite in Pakistan has not been immune to video leaks. When it comes to scandals, politicians from both the government and the opposition have been a major focus.

Political leaders, judges, bureaucrats, and every other citizen have a right to maintain their private sexual lives, and we should respect that right. The fact that every single person is guaranteed a right to privacy by the constitution is not the least of these advantages. There may be some exceptions, in which case privately conducted intimate affairs may have violated laws of general public importance, thereby justifying public disclosures of the information. Based on morality, people form opinions and pass judgment on public figures. Unfortunately, politicians and judges in Pakistan have been targeted as direct targets.

There are also questions about the use of surveillance measures that need to be answered. The footage, according to the former governor, is ‘false’ and ‘completely wrong.’ When one examines the video objectively, it raises several significant questions. Firstly, if it is genuine then who, why, and how it got leaked. Secondly don’t we have such advanced technology which can verify if it is original or edited video. Thirdly if it’s edited who has edited it and why it is so easy to make such false videos and then leaking them easily? Where is the cyber security force of Pakistan?

According to the Global Strategies Index and the Global Security Index 2018 reports, Pakistan is currently the world’s seventh least cyber-secure country.

Therefore, the background of video controversies continues to be dismal. It is a well-known fact that a large number of journalists, judges, and politicians are suspected of having been blackmailed in connection with sensitive information from their personal life. The blackmailing is carried out to force them into submission. The video incident involving Muhammad Zubair must also be evaluated in the context of his political allegiance. His recent remarks supporting Maryam Nawaz’s allegation on the unwillingness to support extension and harsh posture have resulted in a significant amount of resentment. This could very well be an attempt by the Treasury benches, or by someone else, to publicly humiliate him.

Whether the video has been doctored or not, it adds nothing to the public debate. It doesn’t even change people’s attitudes toward Muhammad Zubair’s political views. It does, on the other hand, imply a degenerative political environment. There is no stopping this culture when it comes to demeaning or disgracing a competitor. And this is a culture that will endure.

These incidents lead us to the fact that the cyber security force of Pakistan needs to be active now and perform its duty more responsibly.


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