ISLAMABAD: In a statement issued on Wednesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan stated that it was sad that both the Chief Justice of Pakistan, Justice Gulzar Ahmad, and Nawaz Sharif, a ‘convicted criminal,’ were speaking at the same conference.

In a ceremony on November 20, the Prime Minister made these remarks in reference to the Asma Jehangir Conference, which was held in Lahore on November 20-21, at which the Chief Justice of Pakistan addressed the opening ceremony, and which discussed the ‘role of the judiciary in protecting human rights and strengthening democracy.” Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan, delivered a speech during the conference’s closing ceremony.

The Prime Minister said that corruption was the central problem that has delayed Pakistan’s growth, and that progress in the right direction was being made at a snail’s pace because of the corrupt system in existence. He, on the other hand, believed that Pakistan has “huge potential,” which he predicted will be realised soon.

During the conference, the Prime Minister officially launched four youth-oriented initiatives, including the Kamyab Jawan Markaz, the Kamyab Jawan Green Youth Movement, the Kamyab Jawan Innovation League, and the Kamyab Jawan Talent Hunt Youth Sports League, among others.

The Prime Minister said that these programmes are intended to improve the talents of young people while also providing them with life-changing chances. He counselled the young people that the only sure way to achievement was through hard effort.

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