A Muslim stand-up comedian in India, Munawar Faruqui announced his retirement at the age of 29 on Sunday amid increasing pressure and threats from right wing Hindu groups.

Faruqui took to his social media accounts and said, i am “done” and “hate has won” after at least 12 of his shows were cancelled in the past two months.

he Indian stand-up comedian issued the statement after his show ‘Dongri to Nowhere,’ scheduled on Sunday at a local auditorium in Bengaluru, got cancelled.

In his statement, he declared that the show, which had sold more than 600 tickets, was cancelled under threats to vandalise the venue.

“Putting me in jail for a joke I never did to cancelling my show which has nothing problematic in it. This is unfair,” he wrote.

“Nafrat jeeta hai, artist haar gaya. [Hate has won, the artist has lost]. I’m done! Goodbye! Injustice.”

“We called off 12 shows in [the] last two months because of the threats to venue and audience,” he added.

Faruqui also thanked his fans and said that the show had gained “so much love from people in India irrespective of their religion”.

He also stressed that he had a ‘censor certificate’ for the show but was made to cancel 12 shows over the last two months due to threats.

“I think this is the end. My name is Munawar Faruqui and that’s been my time. You guys were a wonderful audience. Goodbye. I’m done,” he signed off on his social media accounts.

Earlier this year, according to India Today, Faruqui had spent more than a month in jail after some extremist Hindu groups were offended by remarks he allegedly made during a show.

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