According to the Punjab administration, a “Reach Every Door (RED)” corona vaccination effort has been initiated in all districts of the province in order to reach the province’s immunisation goal of 81 million people by the end of December.

During a 12-day special immunisation effort, the government achieved a significant milestone by vaccinating 13 million people. It will be possible to participate in the second round of this immunisation push starting on Wednesday (today).

A ceremony was conducted in the Chief Minister’s office, with Chief Minister Usman Buzdar serving as the keynote speaker.

An award ceremony held in honour of the employees who contributed to the success of the vaccination campaign was held in which the chief minister of Punjab presented shields to authorities and personnel for their outstanding performance during the vaccination drive.

“More than 20 million persons will be immunised during the second phase of the immunisation campaign,” the chief minister said during the event. It will be possible to participate in the second round of the campaign through December 31, according to Buzdar.

It has been discovered that an Omicron strain of the coronavirus has emerged and is now posing a new danger to the planet, according to him. “The only effective form of protection against the virus is vaccination,” he said.

“Punjab has been ahead of other provinces in terms of vaccination because the administration is attempting to guarantee that the largest population in the province gets vaccinated,” he said further.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar announced the commencement of the RED vaccination push, stating, “The health department has constructed 14,000 new vaccination centres throughout Punjab, in addition to more than 12,000 mobile teams that will visit every town and neighbourhood to vaccinate people.”

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