Stardom is a tricky phenomenon. Sometimes it instantly propels a debutant into a sensation. At times, it takes a couple of years for an actor’s charisma to catch on. But Amar Khan is one actress who proved with her debut that she is here to stay. At a time, when star kids are mostly designed to look, speak, and behave a certain way. It’s heartening to see this young lady ditch the archaic celebrity framework, to be herself. A film graduate from Beaconhouse National University comes across as high-spirited; not afraid of walking her own path and fitting in the bill like no other.

Khan is all set to woo the audience with her upcoming drama serial ‘Qayamat’. The recently released teasers have already created a strong buzz. In a recent conversation with The Daily Beat, the actress opened up about her role in play, her debut film ‘Dum Mastam’ her upcoming projects, and much more. Read on

The Daily Beat (TDB): The thrilling teasers of ‘Qayamat’ gave us goosebumps. Post Dil-e-Gumshuda, it seems as if you have another blockbuster in your kitty. How do you feel?

Amar Khan (AK): I am truly overwhelmed and consumed emotionally with the response. ‘Qayamat’ is very close to my heart. The reason why people are instantly getting hooked is due to the acting end i.e. when an actor internalizes and feels every bit of the character; it somehow reflects on screen.

TDB: Tell us about ‘Qayamat’ and what drew you towards your character ‘Samra’?

AK: I have been watchful in selecting my projects. Be it (Neelofur) from the supernatural thriller ‘Belapur Ki Dayan’ or (Alizeh) a spoiled materialistic brat in ‘Dil-e-Gumshuda’ to (Samra) from ‘Qayamat’. I make sure to explore the challenges of the character and how tough it will be to perform. Samra has an outstanding amount of patience, perseverance, and a timeless classic aura to her. Women of today lack such traits in abundance. Interestingly, while reading the script I could sense this kind of patience and selflessness in my mother and the women of her generation. I felt it would be interesting to explore and dwell myself into it.

The preparation of my character required me to be in that zone and develop that behavior. Her sincerity and loyalty were to die for; this was the similar ground I shared with (Samra). The play also highlights the issue of domestic abuse that is experienced quite oftenly by women in Pakistan. It was important to create awareness with such a powerful story, and I being the face of it bearing all the push and pulls by Ahsan’s character (smiles). The viewers will witness a powerful product and will surely whistle on screen.

TDB: There’s a perception in the industry that two actresses can’t be friends. How was the experience of working with Neelam Muneer?

AK: I have always shared the screen with another actress, be it Sarah Khan in ‘Belapur Ki Dayan’ or Hina Altaf in ‘Dil-e-Gumshuda’. I don’t have any tantrums; I feel I am secure and sorted in terms of working with co-actors. The fact that two actresses can’t be friends; yes, it’s true, I have been a witness myself. I am a filmmaker at first and then an actress, so I am familiar with the other side of the mechanism. Neelam Muneer plays my sister; she is beautiful; an extremely talented actor with very expressive eyes. We had a fabulous time together shooting for ‘Qayamat’.

TDB: You debuted with Ahsan Khan in Chasm-e-Num. As of now, you have established yourself as an actress. How was the equation with Ahsan this time around?

AK: In a way I give a lot of credit to Ahsan Khan, it’s because of him I ventured into acting. I look up to him; he is always been supportive and believed in my craft. This time around we had a bigger screen time together; the gripping story and the powerful characters have developed a crackling chemistry between us.  It will indeed be a visual treat for everyone.

TDB: What’s the update on Dum Mastam?

AK: Dum Mastam has my heart and my soul. I have also written the film, so I am as excited and curious as you all are. Hopefully, you will be watching the film in the first half of 2021. The entire cast and crew have worked endlessly on it, be it my producer (Adnan Siddique) or my director (Muhammad Ehteshamuddin).  It’s a passion project for all of us. We have brought to the big screen the best that we could. I can’t wait for the audience to watch it.

TDB: How would you sum up 2020?

AK: At a personal level, 2020 was damaging. I lost the most important person in my life my ‘grandmother’ earlier this year. The corona wave started followed by the lockdown, I also felt sick. It was a mixed platter of emotions; however, my parents have taught me to be thankful for everything no matter how difficult may the circumstances be. I hope and pray for better times and we will come out of the pandemic in 2021.

TDB: What’s next in the pipeline?

AK: There are a couple of projects, but one that I am looking forward to is a feature film. As of now, I cannot reveal much about it, it’s a bit confidential. I will surely let you know when I have the liberty to speak.

By Ozair Majeed

A quote that is my bible: “I never lose. I always win or I learn.” Doing something new everyday excites me, keeps me going. “Who am I?” is a question that I like asking myself every now and then, making a deliberate effort that I have a new answer for it every time. Therefore I constantly strive to surprise the industry with facts and truth through meaningful writings.

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