Ghana Ali is unpretentious from the word go. Unruffled about competition, she believes her career is sailing in the right direction. She is a person at ease with herself and is happy about her foray into the industry. What sets her apart is her frank and honest persona; a rare quality in today’s PR fabricated world.

In an exclusive conversation with ‘The Daily Beat’ Ghana didn’t mince words and spoke candidly on doing all kinds of roles, her process as an actor and updated us about her future endeavors. She also answered the rapid-fire questions rapidly with lots of fire. Read on…

The Daily Beat (TDB): You featured in three back-to-back dramas in 2020; Dil Ruba, Saraab, and Mohabatein Chahatein. But all were supporting parts. Don’t you fear being stereotyped?

Ghana Ali (GA): I don’t believe in the term ‘stereotype’; Allah has paved a way for everyone. I act to feed my soul; I don’t crave money and fame. I don’t regret doing any project; ‘Mohabatein Chahatein’ was a cameo for a friend (Ali Hassan) the director of the play. In the beginning of my career, I was only offered the role of a negative girl from an elite class background. I was never offered to play a middle-class girl. Post ‘Dil Ruba’ I shifted gears, changed my look and explored such characters in ‘Saraab’ and ‘Mohabatein Chahatein’. It’s a victory for me as an actor; viewers have connected with my new avatar and hate me on screen, I am simply loving it. (smiles)

(TDB) I am curious to know when will we be seeing Ghana Ali in a title role?

(GA) I do whatever I feel like; the character has to be good, be it supporting or lead part. Once I choose a project; I put my heart and soul into it and match up to people’s expectations. It’s also unfortunate that we don’t come across good stories where the leading protagonist has something substantial to do. She is either a damsel in distress or a vamp. It’s so bizarre to watch a sister in law wooing his brother in law.

(TDB) With every project you do, people expect more out of you. How do you deal with this pressure?

(GA)  In a span of four years, I have given some terrific performances. People recall me by my name and expect me to be consistent. I believe it is their love, not pressure.

(TDB) What’s the update on your feature film ‘Gawah Rehna’?

(GA) I feel ‘Gawah Rehna’ so far is one of my best films; I’ve given it my all. The film is complete, it has an amazing storyline. We are waiting for cinemas to reopen once the pandemic is over. It would be interesting to see how the audience will react to it.

(TDB) Tell us about your upcoming film Japanese Connection?

(GA) It is still in the process so I can’t talk much about it.

(TDB) How would you sum up your journey until now?                     

(GA)  I was a very different person when I entered the industry; my journey has changed me a lot. My faiths towards Allah, humanity, and karma is very strong; I am in a different state of mind altogether and the industry plays a major role in my transformation. My faith and belief is firm that if you do and say badly to others, it will be a debt on your name and will return back to you.  

(TDB) What are your plans for 2021?

(GA) I don’t believe in disclosing my projects beforehand. I am doing a couple of projects with different subjects. I have signed on for some commercials as well. I hope people will like it. 

Let’s make the mood lighter by asking you some rapid ones

  • Your biggest fear is?

I fear of not indulging into stardom to an extent that distances me from Allah.

  • Success for you is?

To be an irreplaceable actress; people shall remember me only for my acting skills.

  • Your first crush was?

Vin Diesel.

  • Recent web series you really liked?

Schitt’s Creek.

  • Three things about you no one would guess?

I am not a negative person; I have become an introvert, and I love spending time with family more than friends.

  • Love, Loyalty or Money?

Loyalty, Love and Money

  • Your dream role is?

Something I haven’t done so far and something people can relate to.

  • What’s the late-night food that you crave for?

Instant Noodles.

  • The song you are humming the most currently is?

‘No time to Die’ by Billie Eilish.

  • If there was one thing you could change about yourself it would be?


  • If you were invited to be a part of Big Boss, you would?

I am not a Big Boss fan so I will refuse.

  • The adventure sport you are dying to try?

I am not sure about any adventure sport; I want to learn swimming though.

  • Your New Year resolution?

My New Year resolution is all about me (smiles). I want to grow my hair, take care of my skin, get up earlier for a morning walk and learn singing.

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By Ozair Majeed

A quote that is my bible: “I never lose. I always win or I learn.” Doing something new everyday excites me, keeps me going. “Who am I?” is a question that I like asking myself every now and then, making a deliberate effort that I have a new answer for it every time. Therefore I constantly strive to surprise the industry with facts and truth through meaningful writings.

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