Who is the real imposter in the story?

Social Media continues to define its prowess and its sheer ability to influence from a single person to a whole active community.

It usually comes forth as a powerful medium to speak on issues that need a positive stance but is equally responsible for unleashing a blow of negativity and skepticism on anything which doesn’t appeal to the masses.

The latest target to this massive broil was a particular monument paying homage to one of the greatest personalities of the country.  A few days back, a rather odd and off-putting sculpture of the late national poet Allama Iqbal was unveiled at Lahore’s Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park.

Within a matter of hours, it led to a Twitter frenzy as netizens unleashed chaos and expressed disapproval of the highest order for the rather ‘botched’ tribute.

Escalating further into a massive embroil, nation’s truly patriotic felt the statue was an absolute disgrace and should be completely removed from sight. There were no two ways about it.

Iqbal-Pakistan’s most brilliant and brightest truly deserved better. And many took the opportunity to unleash the meme machine, as globally the incident of monstrosity began to gain notice too. Before long, Chief Minister of Punjab ordered for its removal soon after it became trending for all the wrong reasons.

But here’s where the twist in the story comes- apparently the statue was constructed with the sweat and blood of a team of dedicated gardeners at the park.  With news beginning to circulate that there were no actual architects in play when putting the concrete, gravel, cement and rocks, into formation as gardeners spent from their own pockets working day and night for months to unveil the doomed work of art. And soon enough a new trend was on the rise where majority of the Twitteratis began voicing in support of this work depicting pure gardener’s love for our national poet.

However, what remains rather ambiguous is how was such a massive project was initiated without the approval and more alarmingly, the knowledge of the Punjab Horticulture Authority (PHA).  Is it so easy for our civilians and the ordinary folks to make use of public places and depict personal thoughts and intuition through massive structures of national importance? Especially when we are talking of extensive work done by common laborers from their very limited source of income?

While the fate of the statue now hangs in the balance, it seems certain discrepancies have led to a massive curtain raiser on how certain systems within our government are still lacking the concrete infrastructure for smooth running. How can you go without knowing what’s happening around you? For the gardeners and their commitment has given the story a rather emotional edge posts the meme-parade, masses are still doubtful on how it’s construction without approval even began in the first place.

Either way, social media’s ability to make noise and take a stance is the winner in the picture.

By Mehr Jan

Author is an Associate Editor for a leading weekly Sunday Magazine as well as a freelancer for a range of online publications. She pens with passion and feels there isn’t anything better than expressions through words. She aims to highlight all the good amidst the chaos surrounding us. She is currently residing in Islamabad, Pakistan.
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