IG Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan was directed to intensify operations against anti-environmental activities causing smog in the province.

Citizens should keep an eye on their surroundings and report 15 persons or activities causing smog, Punjab Police Spokesperson.

Inspector-General of Police Punjab Rao Sardar Ali Khan has said that co-operation of police, district administration, environment, health and other concerned departments is essential to curb anti-environmental activities causing smog. He said that police teams should continue anti-smog operations and take actions against vehicles emitting massive smoke on highways and factories and kilns owners burning crop residues thus causing air pollution. As per the directions of IG Punjab, a crackdown on anti-smog has been intensified across the province.

Spokesperson of Punjab Police, while presenting a report on smog-causing activities in all districts across province i.e vehicles emitting massive smoke, burning of crops and tyres told that, till 18th November this year, overall 2084 anti-smog cases were registered and 2208 accused were arrested. During the last three days, 92 cases have been registered across Punjab and 67 accused have been arrested. Punjab Police Spokesperson, while sharing details of actions during last three days in every region told that 29 cases were registered and 21 accused arrested for burning of crop residue, tyres and lubricants in Multan region. In the Gujranwala region 22 cases of burning of crop residues, tyres and lubricants were registered 22 accused were arrested.

In the Faisalabad region, 16 cases were registered for spreading smog and 13 accused were arrested. In the Sahiwal region, 06 cases were registered for smog-causing activities and 02 persons were arrested.

In the Sargodha region, 05 cases were registered for spreading smog and 04 accused were arrested. A total of 05 cases were registered in the Sheikhupura region and 01 accused were arrested. A total of 04 cases were registered for spreading smog in the DG Khan region and 02 accused were arrested.

In Bahawalpur region, 03 cases were registered for burning crop residues, tyres and lubricants. In Lahore, 02 cases were registered and 2 accused were arrested for causing smog. The spokesperson further said that citizens are requested to refrain from any anti-environmental activity which could lead to the spread of smog. Citizens should also be vigilant and call 15 in case of any anti-smog activity in their vicinities and also assist government departments in order to reduce environmental pollution.

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